How BEAUTIFUL do you feel today?

My name is Agata and I’m a photographer.

It is not an easy task to write about yourself, but if I have to,I would write about what I consider my biggest gift.

The gift I want to share with every person

that stands in front of my camera, is the ability

to see BEAUTY in everyone and in everything.

I have a great PASSION for life and for photography.

Since I can remember Ihave had a need for 

capturing moments of joy, love, and true feelings.

Every time I photograph someone to me it is a JOURNEY where I search for YOU,

I search for the TRUTH in you and where I will hopefully meet you. 


I am a graduate of St. Johns University, Television and Film Production Department. 

At St Johns I learned technical aspects of photography

in addition to studying acting.

The craft of acting helps tremendously

in my understanding of people and their EMOTIONS.

It has taught me how to work with a person in order to make them feel comfortable and not be scared of the camera.   

So here I am. Fully in love with what I do and ready to share

with you the journey of translating your feelings , relations , 

and most importantly YOU into a beautiful image.

Simply what I call the MAGIC!

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